Advantages of an electrical mining shovel

Advantages of an electrical mining shovel

Vehicles that perform surface mining require considerable economic investment for its acquisition, maintenance, operation, and repair. To properly select this kind of equipment, you should seek to maximize your benefits using a system that can meet the daily requirements of performance at the lowest possible cost of the vehicle per material mobilized.

To achieve this, you must analyze the advantages offered by each vehicle that you are going to use according to the factors of the mine.

In the case that you consider purchasing an electric mining shovel, we have made a list of its most notable advantages and disadvantages.


– They’re the solution to provide greater profitability at the lowest cost

-Engines run efficiently in a temperature range from -58 ° F to 131 ° F.

-Maximum work efficiency is when the work surface is between 13.1 yards and 19.6 yards height.

-The dimensions of the accessories, added to the excavation radius helping production for high benches.

– The digging power remains relatively constant.

-The lifetime of an electric shovel is approximately 120,000 hours, which means that it gives an operating time of 13.69 years, consequently, they’re ideal for mines with a useful life of 20 years.

-Most of the manufacturers of these heavy-machines offer technological updates due to their long lifetime.

– Provides good visibility to workers because their cab is positioned at height, giving workers greater confidence during the operating machine.

-The requirements to operate the machine through the joysticks are minimal compared to other vehicles for excavation, reducing the fatigue of the operator, and the vehicle.

-The buckets of these machines are designed to work in abrasive conditions, and their maintenance costs are low compared to heavy equipment with hydraulic shovels.

-The reach of the bucket on an electric shovel is greater than the hydraulic bucket as it gives optimal turns and keeps the operator from a safe distance to the excavation site.

-Manufacturers offer a wide range of models with dimensions or capacities to suit the job site and transport vehicle fleet such as off-highway trucks.

-Cost to own and maintain is lower over 21 years compared to a hydraulic shovel.

-The cost of operating the vehicle in a mine with electrical installation is much lower than the hydraulic shovel.

The depreciation of the vehicle can be reduced if its technology is updated by its manufacturer, ensuring a high sales value.


-These vehicles have low performance in selective excavation work. – Its assembly time is long, the period is 25 to 75 days. – Regarding mobility, its speeds are very low compared to a hydraulic shovel.

If you’re going to choose between an electric shovel and a hydraulic shovel, you should evaluate the characteristics of your work area to measure the cost-benefit in terms of production.